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We have some favorite travel gadgets that make for safer and easier travel for you to put on your checklist while packing for your next trip. Some of these travel gadgets are just fun little travel hacks, while others will feel like essential additions to your future travel plans.

Our selected gadgets for travelers have something to offer for everyone and have been reviewed and selected by fellow travelers of course. Whether you’re looking for a safer traveling experience or you want a new travel gadget, we’ve reviewed it.

What are the best travel essentials?

Many of us already travel with our phones, laptops, and tablets but there are many other gadgets that can be crucial when traveling and made essential. One particular travel essential can be a hook-on digital weight scale, especially when pre-packing your suitcases and carry-on luggage, or you may overpack. Some will come in just kilos or pounds, others come with an array of different weights for everyone to be able to use it. Other essentials may be portable batteries for in-between flights if you are traveling a long distance, and memoryfoam neck pillows to keep the crooks out of your neck on those long flights.

Are gadgets covered in travel insurance?

At the end of the day, it depends on the travel insurance that works best for you. Some insurance companies will cover valuables such as laptops, cameras, smartphones, E-book readers, and handheld consoles if they are lost, damaged, or stolen. However, it is recommended that you double-check your travel insurance to cover your smartphone, as while yes it is an everyday gadget that we all have, not every travel insurance company will protect your phone in your chosen plan.

How can I pack without wrinkles?

The most common way to pack clothes without wrinkles is to roll your clothes, however, if your clothes are already wrinkled, rolling them will still keep the wrinkles in place. A travel steamer is a gadget that many people will travel with to remove wrinkles out of their clothing while traveling. You can also use it beforehand, steaming out your articles of clothing before rolling them, as the prep work before travel is the best way to keep wrinkles out of your fabrics.

Gadgets Every Traveller Must Have