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Patrick Castellano - Founder of Gadget User
Patrick Castellano Founder of Gadget User Adelaide, SA, Australia
Hayley Ianna Head Writer of Gadget User Perth, WA, Australia
Danielle Roman Writer at Gadget User Perth, WA, Australia
Adam Lucci Writer at Gadget User Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Matthew Croft Writer at Gadget User Adelaide, SA, Australia
Alex Jacobs Writer at Gadget User Adelaide, SA, Australia
Joshua Allengame Video Reviewer at Gadget User
Joshua Allengame Head Video Producer Perth, WA, Australia


Gadget User connects people to the latest gizmos and tech products, highlighting on the best and latest gadgets in the world today.

Our focus is to enrich people’s lives by discovering the coolest types of gadgets, with simplified applications and practical use. Our team is hyper-focused on making your life easier and more enjoyable with the fun of gadgets.

We are a team of creative-minded gadget enthusiasts with a passion for technology, design and product trends. Sharing the latest and greatest in creative projects founded from new startups on platforms, such as Kickstarter Indiegogo, CES – The Most Influential Tech Event and more.

Creating a better Gadget experience for our readers.

Our team promises to help you discover modern and useful gadgets to have an impact on your daily life. We offer our own personal perspective—helping you to make better buying decisions for yourself or the people you love.

Gadget User Editorial Support

Gadget User is dedicated to provide our honest opinion with real fact-checked information assessable to our audience mainly made up of gadget enthusiasts. We explicitly form our opinion and validate each gadget review by using the product, and technically assessing the product in-field. We receive gadgets from all across the world, which makes it interesting to see diversified tech-products. Each gadget-review is curated based on using the product for a pro-longed period of time. Typically, from the beginning to the end of the product’s life-cycle. Our professional product lead reviewer’s ensure our content is substantiated and based on real information to ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date product review.