It’s always tricking being a cyclist in the city having to always have one eye on what’s coming behind you but this may no longer be an issue thanks to the invention of the RearViz.

For anyone cycling on a busy road, free space comes at a premium but the RearViz avoids cluttering your handlebars as it can easily attach to your sleeve either at the wrist or your upper arm.

It is made from lightweight alloys and can cover a full 360 viewing window giving riders the chance to keep an eye on traffic from all sides and improving your safety on the road.

As with any riding accessory, the RearViz has been designed with functionality and riders in mind with several features helping showcase this such as:

  • The body has a shock-absorbent structure preventing vibrations from altering the view to the rider and giving clear sight at all times when being worn
  • To protect it from the elements, the mirror face has a UV-resistant coating to stop the mirror getting damaged over longer rides from sunlight or other weather factors.
  • With all parts being made from plastic and other lightweight materials, it is easy to wear and won’t affect the rider’s balance or stability when they are in motion

Taking all this into consideration, the RearViz is a handy gadget to have at hand whenever you are riding so you can always see what’s coming both in front and behind you.

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