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When you put on your raincoat, the sun comes out. When you wear your windbreaker, it rains. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a jacket made for all kinds of weather? That’s GAMMA, the all-climate jacket made of graphene.

Graphene is the strongest, thinnest, and most flexible material on the planet. It’s also an incredible insulator, and it’s totally wind and waterproof. 

GAMMA is infused with a layer of pure graphene, making it the strongest jacket ever produced. Graphene is so strong that a layer 2 atoms thick can stop a bullet. 

Graphene’s smart insulation will keep you warm or cool by adapting to your body temperature. Thanks to additional built-in carbon fiber heaters, GAMMA can keep you comfortable and safe in temperatures from 20˚C/70˚F to -30˚C/-20˚F.  

GAMMA is impermeable to all liquids and gasses, so it functions as a hurricane-proof raincoat and a chill-proof windbreaker.

It’s also hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, UV-proof, odor-proof, and completely resistant to damage.

How can a jacket do this much? Graphene isn’t a normal material (though it is 100% natural and non-synthetic). It’s so powerful and versatile that it won a Nobel Prize. 

GAMMA was developed by scientists at Wear Graphene, and it will protect you from any weather in any climate for life.

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Why You Won’t Leave Home Without GAMMA

Be Prepared for Any Weather: With GAMMA, you can trek through The Himalayas or brave the Amazonian rainforests—and stay comfortable and safe all along. GAMMA shields you from any weather while regulating your temperature like a second skin.

All-Season Comfort: From warm to sub-freezing temperatures, GAMMA evenly distributes your body heat around the jacket to keep you at your optimal temperature. In frigid weather, power up GAMMA’s graphene layer by activating the carbon fiber heaters.

Stay Active and Keep Cool: GAMMA is moisture-wicking and odor-proof activewear. You’ll keep cool and dry as you hike, run, bike, ski, and more. GAMMA is also equipped with drawstrings, a hood, a rain hem, and fingerless gloves, so you’ll be ready for any adventure.

Tougher and Safer: Graphene is stronger than diamond. That makes GAMMA the strongest jacket ever made. Not only does it last a lifetime, but it protects you from harm. GAMMA is strong enough to stop a knife.

Travel-Ready: GAMMA is ready to go wherever you are. It’s the only jacket you’ll need in any climate. It’s also easy to pack—it weighs just 500 g (1.1 lbs) and packs down to the size of a t-shirt. GAMMA’s 10 pockets keep your documents, cash, and more protected on the go. 

Stylish Men’s and Women’s Designs: GAMMA is available in unique men’s and women’s designs that are slimming and stylish. You can wear GAMMA to the gym, to work, to meet friends, and to travel. It looks great on any occasion.

Machine-Washable: Unlike other jackets, you can toss GAMMA in the washing machine without worrying about damage. You’ve never had a jacket that’s this easy to clean.

Why spend your money on bulky jackets that only keep you comfortable for part of the year? GAMMA is the jacket you can wear every day and know you’ll be protected from whatever the weather has in store. With just one purchase, you’ll have an all-climate jacket you can use for the rest of your life. Visit now to pre-order your GAMMA jacket for a limited 40% discount.

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