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Getting that full night rest is a dream. Excessive usage of gadgets before sleeping won’t help you sleep any better since technology cannot be avoided especially when you’re in the bedroom. Thanks to science, sleep, and gadgets now go hand in hand.

With the wide array of sleep and circadian health technology-based gadgets available in the market, these gadgets can help in reducing insomnia and helps you doze off easier to get that good night’s sleep — which makes getting that full night rest a reality.

Is technology bad for sleep?

Yes, it can be, however it depends on what technology is being used before sleep. Due to the bright blue lights and strain on our eyes in dark rooms, it can make the act of falling asleep a delayed response. Interactive devices such as our phones, video game consoles (especially handheld mode ones), and iPads or tablets can be very interactive which in turn will keep our minds more awake. Many devices such as phones and laptops now have night mode which produces a more yellow light, which results in less strain on our eyes and better chances of sleep.

What is the best product to help you sleep?

The best product to help people sleep can differ from person to person. Some gadgets can involve devices that we don’t use on our bodies for example a white noise machine like the LectroFan Evo Sound Machine. As it produces soothing noises around us it can help us sleep. Other gadgets may be eye masks that will help eliminate the light that could be coming from street lamps or the moon to help convince your body and brain it is time to sleep. IMAK makes a compression eye mask that will help prevent light from getting in.

What is the best app for insomnia?

Apps that can help you sleep tend to produce more noises like a white noise machine but the benefit of these is that you only have to use a device you already have; your phone. Apps like Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, produces melodies to help lull you to sleep or White Noise Lite allows you to create a combination of noises that you find most soothing to help you sleep.