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When looking at Gadget User, we rate products to help customers know what we consider to be the best of the best. Our rating system is a five star system, with 1 star being the worst and 5 being the very best we believe the market has to offer. There are many different facets of the product that we look at when deciding on our final rating. Some of these aspects can be accessibility, affordability and overall quality of the gadget.

In using the five star rating system we define different stars to qualify the significance of the product:

5 Stars

Products ranging at 5 stars are the best products on the market that we will recommend to our readers. These products are ones that are of premium quality and the most accessible for everyone.

3-4 Stars

Products ranging between 3-4 stars are products that are very good. The quality of these products are well designed, made from quality material but aren’t necessarily accessible for everyone.

1-2 Stars

Products ranging at 1-2 stars don’t get recommended to our readers as they have quality issues. We do not showcase products from this range, as we have found that the quality of materials tend to break quickly or not work as advertised at all.

In wanting to be a trusted source for all your gadget questions, curiosities and creativities, Gadget User provides featured articles and buying guides on the very best products that we know and trust ourselves. With feedback from our audience we will reevaluate products that don’t hold us well for customers and ensure that only credible information is presented to the public.

We pride ourselves here at Gadget User to explore and only recommend what we believe to be best for the entire population all across the world, meaning gadgets are accessible for as many countries as possible. If you have concerns about the quality of a product that we have recommended or you feel as if our comments don’t match up with the production value of a gadget, do notify us immediately so we can adjust accordingly. It is important to our team that all ratings and recommendations are as accurate as possible.