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New tech advancements should move us forward, and when I had the chance to try out three new gadgets I was immediately star-struck. Truly cool devices are those that push the envelope and leave us wondering what’s next at the same time.

Ever heard of a smart indoor garden gadget?

When I think of gardening, I picture my grandparents going outside and making plans on when to plant, what to plant, how far forward to start the seeds. This was always done by checking the weather, the temperature, and then planting in the garden outside. This is all fine and good if you live in a suburb or somewhere where you have a large yard.

But most of us don’t have large yards. Some of us don’t even have a balcony, leaving even terrace gardening out of reach.

This is where Smart Garden 3 from Click and Grow comes in.

It takes all of the planning by checking a calendar into a convenient app that monitors humidity, soil moisture, temperature, and even light all in a convenient and stylish container you can sit anywhere, even on a bookshelf where you don’t get a whole lot of light.

It boasts fresh ingredients all year round that are organic, homegrown, and pesticide-free—which is extremely important if you’re using what you’re growing for cooking and not just to look at.

Next on the list is an innovative reading Lamp gadget by Lexilife designed to make reading easier, faster, and less tiring!

This is something truly cool—it’s a lamp that emits in only certain spectrums for two things. The first is to prevent eye strain, and the second is to help those with Dyslexia read by removing certain spectrums known to bother the eyes. I’ve tried it and it does help. One of our testers who suffers from migraines tried it and she told us that it made reading easier and also didn’t bother her as much as normal lights do.

To prolong the life of your cool gaming desires, we’ve found the Virtual Reality — Oculus Go to be our favorite toy for multiplayer VR games. 

The Oculus Go is completely independent of a PC. It’s a VR device that you can play multi-player virtual reality games on for under $300 for the 64GB version. Wearing the device is extremely comfortable. It’s lightweight and where it sits when in contact with your fact breathes. Once you’re wearing it, you barely notice it’s there.

But once it’s on, you’re in the action— immersive experience for all—and so are any of your friends in the same game.

I decided to try EVE Gunjack, being a player of the main EVE Online game, and the immediate immersion into the game was incredible. I forgot I had the Oculus Go device on my head and was sucked into the action. The graphics are great and only limited by the individual game maker. For some more fun, also try the roller coaster simulator or any of the sports titles.

Cool tech is pushing our limits every single day, whether in how we live, work, or play. Seeing what we have now only made me wonder what is next on the horizon.