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There always comes a point in life where you have to decide whether to upgrade your car or upgrade to a new car. Luckily, we live in an era where today’s car tech gadgets can help alleviate your car by adding smarter features. And we’re not talking about lucky dice!

Go beyond just aesthetic accessories and explore a world of must-have car gadgets that combine style and functionality. With some high-tech and cool car accessories, your car might just feel brand new!

Must have car gadgets

If you are one who likes to keep their car in pristine condition, with no food crumbs or dust hidden in the crevices, a portable hand vacuum would be an ideal tool to keep in the trunk of your car. One by ThisWorx comes with many ends for a pristine clean and plugs into your car for easy power as it is built specifically for car cleaning. If your car doesn’t already come equipped with a GPS system, a Navman car GPS is a must-have for road trippers who need a little bit more help with directions.

How do you modernize a car?

If you have a vintage car or an old truck and want to modernize them a little bit with the technology of today, there are many different ways you can do so. Changing out the ignition to a smart key is an easy way to make something as simple as starting your car up, along the lines of the cars of today. There is also an ability to change out the stereo system from one with an old cassette player to a Bluetooth-enabled, CD-playing stereo system.