Getting lost from your group is a nightmare scenario we have all experienced at some point in our lives but the fear of being alone may be over thanks to the launch of the GoTenna Mesh.

The GoTenna Mesh acts as a location device giving users the ability to sync the device to their smartphones and gives a real-time update of their location to anyone that is linked to the device.

It uses Bluetooth to connect between devices and allows users to communicate with each other via messages enabling to give vital information to their whereabouts if separated from their group.

It’s not surprising to find that GoTenna has sneaked in lots of tech within the Mesh to make it a multifunctional tool to have handy at all times with features including:

  • It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices and its partner Gotenna app also works on both platforms giving access to almost every major mobile device available today.
  • Messages and communications are kept over an encrypted network ensuring that all vital messages are shared with only the users they are targeted at.
  • The Mesh system has the ability to set markers and checkpoints in groups ensuring that you can create specific sites to meet nearby should you get separated from groups at large events or festivals.

By giving users a vital link to communicate in a secure manner, the GoTenna Mesh could be a vital resource for finding friends and colleagues when travelling in remote or busy areas.

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