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Prepare your next outdoor camping adventure with the best and coolest new camping gadgets. Find portable charcoal grills that will keep you looking forward to your next meal, to waterproof sneakers for your next hiking trail, or test out our portable water purifiers to eliminate harmful water contaminants.

What is in a first aid kit for camping?

There are many smart options to what you should put inside a first aid kit when you are going camping, as you don’t always know what you are going to come across. Old cell phones are ideal as they can usually hold a charge longer than our smartphones can today, as well as whistles and pocket mirrors if you are in trouble. Cold compresses, heat packs, and emergency blankets are items that you need to learn how to use and when to use them. Keeping cold and flu medication, as well as antihistamines and anti-inflammatory medication, is ideal to have as well for unexpected allergies or catching a cold in the wet weather.

What is the best flashlight for camping?

There are many flashlights on the market for the best flashlight for camping. A popular choice and highly rated flashlight is the Nitecore rechargeable flashlight, which has a 452m beam distance. The only downside to this particular one is that is a more expensive choice, however, it is the best one on the market in terms of brightness, beam distance, and battery life.