Look After Your Laptop With The Matein Mlassic Laptop Bag

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Having a good laptop bag can be vital to increasing the longevity and purpose of your primary computer and the Matein Mlassic Laptop Bag is a great example of doing just this.

Capable of holding devices with a screen of up to 17in, the Matein Mlassic Laptop Bag is a great all-in-one bag that looks after all needs of your device.

With a built-in USB charger (powerpack not included!), you can charge your laptop or tablet whilst travelling giving the battery a vital boost in between home or work or vice versa.

Key Features

The bag is made from polyester and is fully waterproofed making it lightweight to transport whilst making it durable for use in all conditions all year round.

The front compartment is neatly divided into several compartments making it a great way of organising any accessories you need to transport without cluttering the insides or reducing storage space.

The actual laptop compartment is padded on all sides to give extra protection for your device whilst travelling and can absorb any impacts should it be dropped at any point.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

By looking after all aspects of your laptop whilst travelling, the Matein Mlassic Laptop Bag is a great accessory that can protect and boost your laptop during the daily commute.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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