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An Everyday Carry (EDC) gadget usually refers to a kit that doesn’t always look like an “everyday” item. However, they are extremely useful to have by your side and can provide a sense of security. EDC essentials come in many forms: EDC keychain, EDC key organiser or even a bag packed with EDC gadgets.

Some use EDC gadgets to solve easy tasks, while some rely on EDC to prepare them for an unexpected situation. What will your EDC bag essentials look like?

What is EDC?

EDC stands for Everyday Carry, which means EDC gadgets are gadgets that you would consider everyday use items. Things like your phone and smartwatches would be considered EDC gadgets.

What should I carry for EDC?

Typical items that should be part of your EDC gadgets would be your smartphone as it can also double as your wallet if your cards are connected to your phone’s wallet, or it can also triple as a flashlight when in a pinch. EDC gadgets for those who are busy and constantly on the go would be portable power banks to keep your devices like tablets and phones at full charge. Other EDC gadgets on a more survival side of things would be windproof lighters and Swiss Army knives for anything that might come your way.