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The bathroom—the final frontier in retreats and privacy and where we all end up at some point of the day… or even multiple points of the day. With so much time spent in the bathroom, it’s small wonder that most of the greatest gadgets and quality of life-improving items are meant for that one room.

Ingenious and Cool Bathroom Gadgets

The first thing I tried today was a stylish towel warmer. Instead of hanging towels on a rack, the Ultra Large Luxury Towel Warmer by Zadro made theirs a container that you can pull more than one towel out of, giving you and your guests the near endless supply of pre-warmed towels for when they get out of the shower. It has a sleek and elegant design which will look great in any bathroom. With multiple timer and temperature settings, you will get a perfectly warmed towel each and every time.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker – Take It In The Shower!

A towel warmer is great for getting out of the shower, but what about while you’re in the shower? If you’re like me, you like to listen to the news while you’re getting ready for work or just listen a few podcasts. This is where the IFox IF02 Waterproof and Bluetooth speaker comes into play. Hang it anywhere you want and pair it with your favourite device, and just listen to music, the news, or your favourite podcast.

The added surprise is that it also acts as a handsfree device for your phone.

Clean Water BathTub For Your Baby In the Bathroom

With COVID-19, or even flu season or to keep little humans clean, 4moms has the answer with the Cleanwater tub. The tub fits on top of an existing sink, and what makes it so special is how the water is channeled around and then out of the tub so that there can be a constant supply of fresh and clean water to keep little ones clean without swamping your counters or overflowing. With a collapsible design, it can be put away after use so that it doesn’t take up any more precious space in a smaller bathroom… or even just for convenient travel.

And there you have it. Three cool bathroom gadgets that will raise the bar in modern life, whether in keeping in contact, keeping comfortable, or just being clean.