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The bathroom—the final frontier in retreats and privacy and where we all end up at some point of the day… or even multiple points of the day. With so much time spent in the bathroom, it’s small wonder that most of the greatest gadgets and quality of life-improving items are meant for that one room.

Are electric toothbrushes better?

After many years of extensive tests and studying, scientists have confirmed that electric toothbrushes clean teeth and gums better than a generic toothbrush can. Electric toothbrushes promote healthier gums and less tooth decay. Our oral health is just as important as other parts of our health and electric toothbrushes. With their growing accessibility, more people should be actively searching out the best electric toothbrush for them and replacing their old toothbrushes with a new electric one to improve their oral health.

What are the best bathroom accessories?

Some of us want to make our bathrooms more aesthetically pleasing or bring in additional gadgets to make things easier. Some gadgets and accessories that we can look at can take the frustration out of every day; for example, picking up a toothpaste tube-wringer to roll more toothpaste out of the bottle instead of trying hard to get that final piece out can make brushing our teeth easier. If you like listening to music while you bathe and get ready in the morning and have your own Bluetooth speaker, there are outlet shelves that you can hook over your outlet to keep your speaker both propped up and charged. Storage bins and small trash cans are ideal additions to any bathroom.

Premium Bathroom Gadgets for Your Home