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Office gadgets are seldom used for increasing productivity, but it really depends on the type of gadget. We have also recently found that there are a number of stationary gadgets for your desk (timeless gadgets which just cradle in the corner of your office table) equipped to your liking – just to make your day more riveting. 

Regardless of your office-setup, here are some of our favorite office gadgets to improve productivity:

  • Do you need a home office charging station? Try the Multi-device wireless charging station for iPhone and Android devices by Air Omni.
  • Why should you wear blue-light blocking office glasses? The harmful blue violet light spectrum is harmful to the naked eye. Alleviate the symptoms of eye fatigue and discomfort with our best blue light blocking glasses buying guide.

Must have home office gadgets

After the year that was 2020 and so many of the world’s workforce was placed at home, home offices were in everyone’s home and productivity needs to be boosted while we are in the comfort of our house. Wireless mouses and keyboards are great additions in your home office to make typing documents, emails, and scrolling through policies easier than hunching over the top of a laptop. Laptop and iPad stands are great additions to home offices as well as frees up desk space while still having your devices close at hand.

How to stay productive working from home?

The best way to start being productive is to have designated places for work and other places for rest. Working predominantly from your bed isn’t smart as that is where you relax and sleep, but building a desk and an office space will help you distinguish work from play. Taking breaks when you start to feel yourself procrastinate rather than sitting and scrolling on your phone will also make you feel more productive while sitting at the desk doing work. With features on smartphones to block and restrict apps to work between certain hours or lock the apps when you have been on them for a certain amount of time. Doing things like this and also maintaining a routine will help you stay productive at home.

How to measure productivity at work?

Setting goals with how much work you want to achieve in a particular time frame will help you measure your productivity at home while working. Keeping a checklist of what needs to be done within a day or a week’s period and being able to check them off constantly will be a helpful tool in keeping your productivity high.