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Office gadgets are seldom used for increasing productivity – but it really depends on the gadget. We have also recently found that there are a number of stationary gadgets (timeless gadgets which just cradle in the corner of your office table) equipped to your liking – just to make your day more riveting. 

Our selection of cool office gizmos will help you relax in the midst of stressful work-times. These gadgets can also be used as an ice-breaker for when you’re around colleagues or workmates – so don’t be ashamed to set yourself apart from the average joe. Our team can also confirm that our modern office gadgets are all about great functionality – so, let’s not make your workspace go to waste. 

This week we’ve rounded up the coolest office gadgets exclusively found on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We know how much you love the latest gadgets, whether it’s the newest multi-functional pen that actually has several different utilities or even a notebook that you can reuse, and that will last a lifetime. If you happen to be a writer, these office gadget novelties will be a great addition to your mix of work and vocation. 

Best New Office Gadgets For Serious Productivity 

My quest to increase productivity in the office has led me to some amazing and fun office gadgets. It all started when I reached wit’s end when it came to endlessly transcribe the physical text into my computer and phone. It is a chore that never gets easier or less boring.

Then, one of my coworkers showed up with what looked like a regular old marker, and as I got closer and took a double-take, I had to inquire. It turned out to be the Digital Gadget Highlighter which can scan and translate any printed text. If only I had known that I could use that to scan and paste notes I would have jumped at the chance the second it was available.

I got one and it has been using it every day since. In the same week, I was scrolling through my feed and saw a rather unique standing desk. I stopped to read the caption and shuddered at the two words “app-controlled”. An app-controlled desk I wonder?

Well, yes, an app-controlled desk is real it turns out and I spent the next 20 minutes learning all that I could about it. The AiT Smart One is an office-friendly smart desk that you can control with your phone. That includes everything from height adjustments to controlling the gadget device to remind you that it’s time to get some exercise.

That was the fastest I have ever pledged to an Indiegogo page. My exciting week of office gadgets came to a head when a friend who knows how bad I can be with timing forwarded me a not so subtle hint of a gadget that could help me, and well, he was right.

TickTime is a one of a kind device that divides your day into 25 minute increments to increase productivity. It is all about completing tasks that you’ve already set that much easier, and I for one can benefit from that.

The Coolest Office Gadgets For Your Small Office Cubicle & Study Room

My office cubicle is a bit of a tight space. So are all of my coworkers, so everyone knows what everybody else is up to most of the time.

Several of us at the office have a bit of a sweet tooth and I like to bring in cookies when I can, and my coworkers know that. When one of my co-workers brought up the kSafe – A revolutionary food locker – I could force myself to stop loading up on the carbs.

A jar that keeps your cookies fresh and you from eating them all at once? Yes, I’m in. For me, it is the most useful office gadget because it gives me something to look forward to and keeps me from overeating.

Office Gadgets That Make Your Job Easier Around the House 

I do a lot of work around the house and like to put things together when I can. I am always eyeing the next project and love to get my hands on anything that can help. Recently, a friend came over to help me with housework, he pulled something strange out of his pocket.

When I asked him to measure the frame one more time, he pulled out a ROLLOVA. When he explained that it wasn’t a high tech puck and that it is a ruler that can take accurate measurements on a wide range of surfaces, I got my own.

Office Gadgets That Are Just Plain Fun 

There is one thing I know how to make: waffles. When I visit my family and see my nieces and nephews, they always want me to make waffles for them as if they know it’s the only thing I can prepare.

Well, after my brother forwarded me a Kickstarter page, I know exactly how I will make waffles next time I see them.  The Building Brick Waffle Maker lets you make high quality waffles that you can play with like Lego’s.

That means next time I get to make breakfast for the kids, it will be that much more fun.

What I learned is that when you keep your eyes peeled, you can find the coolest office gadgets. Some of the best gadgets for tight spaces could come from a forward in your inbox or a suggestion from a friend.

Because I was open to it, I rounded up with the best office gadgets.