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CookPerfect is a precise cooking thermometer that takes out all of the guesswork and lets you cook and leaves you sure as to be how much more it needs to be perfect.

For me, the hardest part of cooking is sifting through the guesswork in regard to temperature and how done it is. Something may look done but cutting deeper will reveal it may not be. But by how much?

The CookPerfect exists as an answer to that question.

Perfect Results

CookPerfect goes above and beyond and gives you readings from within 5 points of the food. You can pair it with their app and get the accurate results it provides, and you will be fully aware of what it needs.

Because it has strong Bluetooth capabilities, you can keep an eye on what you’ve got cooking whether you are chilling in the bedroom or sitting on the couch watching TV. For me, CookPerfect has made planning my meals and mealtimes easier and also made me a more observant cook.

You can also loop your friends or family into what you’ve got cooking through the cloud which is fun.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

I personally recommend CookPerfect and give it a 5/5 because of its originality, accuracy, and novelty.

Adam Lucci

Adam Lucci is the father of Kaiser 🐕 and currently living in Melbourne, Vic. Adam enjoys writing reviews on the most trending and coolest released gadgets. Adam is also an experienced lifeguard at Watermarc Belgravia Leisure, and his opinion on health and fitness gadgets comes with careful assessment and consideration.