Deter Sharks and Swim Safely with Sharkbanz 2

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Sharkbanz 2 is a wrist or ankle bracelet that uses magnetic technology to deter sharks and protect you while swimming, diving, or surfing!

If you are a passionate surfer or swimmer, or you like exploring sea depths, you need to keep an eye out for dangerous predators. Any encounter with a shark can be traumatic, not to mention that it can have fatal consequences. That is why you should consider having Sharkbanz 2 on your wrist or ankle each time you enter the water.

This unique gadget works as a shark deterrent band. The experts at the Coastal Carolina University verified the product with their research, which means that this is a product based on proven science.

Sharkbanz 2 utilizes magnetic technology in deterring sharks. That means the gadget doesn’t require any charging or batteries. It is always active and keeps you safe as long as you are wearing it. The innovative design with an adjustable band ensures that everyone aged five or older can wear a protective device.

You can choose between five different color combinations to suit your style, and the item fits comfortably on your wrist or ankle. Sharkbanz 2 allows you to dive up to 330 feet below the water surface. The device is light, and it won’t bother your movement in any way.

The manufacturer provides a box to store the unit safely. Additionally, you can pass through TSA control, and take it on a plane, which makes it travel-friendly. If you are a fan of water and spend a lot of time swimming or diving, Sharkbanz 2 can be an important asset in deterring sharks that might come your way.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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