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The PANGEA Eco Towel: Put a trash barrier in the world’s dirtiest river

Clean more than yourself when you use the PANGEA Eco Towel.

Totally free of plastic, this towel also cleans up trash from the ocean and CO2 from the air through worldwide clean-ups and donations to carbon offsetting projects. The towel is also carbon negative and trash negative. Its manufacturing process uses no toxic chemicals as there’s no viscose or rayon involved.

Key Features

3 sizes (pocket, standard, XL)

5 colors

Comes with a detachable pouch bag

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The PANGEA Eco Towel dries twice as fast as microfiber. The unique waffle weave fabric is ultra-absorbent, absorbing 3 x more water than microfiber towels. It is super lightweight and compact which makes it perfect for any trip or outdoor activity. The carry bag allows for convenient storage and the opportunity to dry the towel on the go. Made with natural dyes, this outdoor towel is actually home compostable at the end of its lifespan.

Adam Lucci

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