Pelican Porter
Pelican Porter Portable Tumbler
Pelican Porter
Pelican Porter Portable Tumbler

Pelican Porter™ – The Ultimate Travel Tumbler for Temperature Retention

Imagine sipping your favorite drink at the perfect temperature hours after you’ve poured it. That’s what the Pelican Porter™ Travel Tumbler offers. This isn’t just any tumbler; it’s a game-changer for those who are serious about their beverages.

At the heart of the Pelican Porter™ is its incredible temperature retention. Whether you’re a coffee fanatic needing your brew warm for the entire morning or a fitness enthusiast who prefers ice-cold water during workouts, this tumbler has got you covered. It keeps drinks hot for 9 hours and cold for an impressive 16 hours, thanks to its recycled 18/8 double-wall stainless steel construction, vacuum insulation, and copper lining.

But what really sets it apart is its thoughtful design. The spill-resistant screw-top lid with a rotator and drinking straw means no more coffee stains on your white shirt. The ergonomic handle with TPR grip ensures it won’t slip out of your hand, even during a hectic commute. Plus, it’s splash-resistant and fits most car cup holders, making it the ideal travel companion.

Have you ever had that moment when you’re trying to juggle multiple things and your drink spills? The Pelican Porter™ practically eliminates that problem. Its durability is also noteworthy, boasting a durable powder coat finish and dishwasher-safe feature, making it both sturdy and easy to clean.

The Pelican Porter™ excels in maintaining drink temperatures, offers a spill-resistant and ergonomic design, and is built to last. It’s more than just a tumbler; it’s a reliable companion for your daily adventures.

If you’re in the market for a travel tumbler that delivers on its promises, the Pelican Porter™ is definitely worth considering. It’s not just a product; it’s an investment in your daily comfort and convenience.

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