Easily Tap and Go With the Security Key C NFC by Yubico

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It’s never been easier to tap and pay on the go than with Yubico’s tiny and convenient Security Key.

In today’s day and age, it has never been more important to securely hold your passwords, firstly so you can remember them, and secondly so that no one with bad intentions can get a hold of them. How often do you get alerts on your iPhone saying the password you just used is part of a data leak? Maybe it’s just me. Nevertheless, nobody likes having to get up to get their phone so they can see what code they just received in a text. The whole reason you were on your laptop in the first place was so that you didn’t have to use your phone. With the Security Key C NFC by Yubico, all these password-related and security issues vanish.

Security Key C NFC by Yubico

Compatible with any standard USB-C port and able to sit securely on a keyring along with your other real-life keys, the Security Key from Yubico works with the vast majority of popular web services and allows you to access them without worrying about the security of your passwords. It’s not just the assets that are within the gadget, however, they are secure. Due to its small size, it would be easy to think it’s as fragile as a cheap USB stick. That’s not the case. Reinforced with a fiberglass body, it can more than stand the test of a daily commute and being inserted into a laptop.

Key Features

It’s never been easier to safely log in on the device of your choosing. With any NFC-enabled device, all you have to do is tap, and viola. Tiny and comfortable sitting along with your other real keys you can log in to any account from anywhere, knowing the password is secure. It couldn’t be easier!

Compatible with any USB-c port, Android, Windows, iOS devices and applications, and the majority of popular web services, anybody can easily use Yubico’s Security Key NFC no matter what they like to use.

Because of its size, the strength and durability of the Security Key might be in question. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry. Yubico has fitted the security key with fiberglass reinforced bodies to make sure they can handle the rigors of daily life. I wouldn’t go throwing them against the wall or purposefully stepping on them, though.

Take advantage of the Security Key C NFC no matter where you need it. This security key by Yubico does not require LTE or WiFi to get the job done.


  • Some users have found difficulty getting the Key to work with certain websites they presumed it would work with. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut list of every compatible web service and thus you’ll have to just make due with the ones it does work with (which is most of the big ones, luckily!).
  • Has trouble with google authentication unless you’re using Google Chrome and cannot authenticate microsoft when using android devices. It’s weird little quirks like this that stop the Secuirty Key C NFC a perfect product in its field.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you’re looking to make certain that your passwords and sensitive content is just that little bit safer, then you can’t look past the Security Key C NFC by Yubico. From its price to its broad compatibility and ability to come along with you anywhere you go, it doesn’t get much better.

Durable and waterproof, sitting on your regular key-ring and easily connecting to most devices through it’s USB-C port, it couldn’t be easier to get the hang of. However, like its inability to authenticate Microsoft accounts on Android devices, it’s not perfect. If you are looking for the best, there are keys at higher price points for you. But, if you’re looking for a great product you can be happy with, here it is.


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