Never Be Unable To See On Your Adventures with the Olight Warrior Mini 2

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Do you love camping and outdoor activities? Or, is your flashlight starting to die on you and you are looking for a state of the art replacement?

With the new Olight Warrior Mini 2, you will have some of the most advanced flashlight technology that will elevate any time spent outdoors.

The improvements made to the Warrior Mini 2 from its predecessor are an increase in brightness and its distance the light hits. From the past design, the Mini 2 has increased its brightness by up to 17% with a max of 1750 lumens. It has also increased by 16% to reach up to 220 meters that you can see with the brightness. You won’t feel constricted to a small illumination any longer, now you can enjoy more of the great outdoors at night, not just through the day.

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There are many other benefits to the Olight Warrior Mini 2 that make it a sought after flashlight for all those who love the outdoors;

Key Features

One of the new features to the Mini 2 is the proximity sensor, where the flashlight will drop the brightness automatically in case of an obstruction, while also preventing overheating in your pocket or backpack.

Already having a runtime of 45 days is great, but what is even better is that with the included MCC3 cable, you can portably charge your flashlight while on the go, giving you constant light wherever and whenever you need it.

The Warrior Mini 2 is extremely adaptable to your situation and usage, with detachable lanyard clips, carabiner-style ring (not suitable for climbing however) and a two-way pocket clip you can attach your lightweight and small flashlight however suits and fits you best.

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Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

For anyone who loves going outside, camping and exploring nature, flashlights are necessary for everyone. With the Olight Warrior Mini 2, you have so much more freedom to adventure to new places knowing that you can always see.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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