Survival In Your Pocket with the M1 Maverick™ Bifold Wallet

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Are you a first-responder who needs a new wallet, or someone who likes survival gear and gadgets?

Inspired by the hardworking first responders and military officials that save and protect our countries, the M1 Maverick™ Bifold Wallet is perfect for you.

Being inspired by our first responders and military officials, this bifold wallet isn’t only the perfect place to hold your cards, but it is a survival tool for you or someone you love. Not only is it vertical for easy hanging around your neck, but the material makes the wallet long-lasting and durable. With “bullet-proof” industrial material developed for this wallet make it both flexible and water-resistant but also tough to resist rough wear and tear.

Not only is the material perfect for yourself or the first-responder in your life, but there are many other features that increase the desirability of the Maverick™ Bifold Wallet.

Key Features

Within this bifold wallet, there is an MT04 multi-tool that is made specifically for emergency situations. Including a seatbelt cutter, serrated edges, O2 oxygen wrench, nail pryer, a bottle opener, and more.

While there is the MT04 multi-tool, there is also the MT01 multi-tool which includes a small chisel, another bottle opener, and a flathead and Phillips head screwdriver. Giving you two tools that slide within your wallet to help pry you out of emergency situations.

The Maverick™ Bifold Wallet can hold up to 16 cards without the inclusion of your multi-tools. If you want to include your tools within the slots of the wallet, your bifold wallet can hold up to 14 separate cards. Giving you places for credit and debit cards as well as subscription and membership cards.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The M1 Maverick™ Bifold Wallet is a great addition to the pocket of any first-responder or military official or anyone looking for a survival and emergency-tool filled wallet.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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