Increase Safety All Year Long with the Alphahōm® Care Go

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Are you looking to increase your own personal safety?

Alarm apps on our phone’s aren’t always the safest and most convenient, especially when feeling unsafe. There is nothing better than a small little alarm that is connected to your phone and alerts those that you are in danger, and the Care Go is the perfect handheld alarm system.

Connected to either your iPhone or Android with Bluetooth technology, the Care Go is designed to be both small and lightweight so you can carry your alarm on you 24/7. The alerts go straight to your friends and family so they can know you are in an uneasy situation. You will always get a reliable connection between your Care Go and your mobile phone to ensure that if the Care Go is used, those important to you will be made aware.

There are many other benefits to having a Care Go in your purse to help protect you.

Key Features

Not only will the Care Go alert your friends and family that you are in danger, they’ll know your exact location so either they can call emergency services or come and get you.

Even if your friends have their phones muted, your SOS will come up as an emergency call, therefore they will still hear the alert through using iOS’ Critical Alert API. This feature is only available on iOS but we can only hope this will happen for Android phones too.

You will never worry that your Care Go will lose charge when you need it most. With a battery that holds up to a year’s worth of charge your emergency situation won’t escalate because your on-person alarm isn’t working.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Having personal alarms to keep you safe in this day-in-age is increasingly important, especially for women at night. But everyone can help increase their safety with the Care Go personal alarm.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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