Interstellar Quality Meets Stealth in this Modern Knife

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What would you say about a knife made from the same materials found in spacecraft?

Or a knife designed to be as stealthy as a fighter jet? Yep, that caught your attention.

Say hello to the Musvalk Knife, a state-of-the-art everyday carry. Musvalk is Dutch for the smallest species of Falcon. A keen bird of prey that is always focused. And the Musvalk knife shares plenty of characteristics with its inspirations.

For example, its materials are also found in modern spacecraft. An immensely strong zirconia blade, titanium screws and a carbon fiber handle. This is a blade for exploration. Meanwhile, with a design based off the stealthy Lockheed Nighthawk, you have a slick looking knife to be proud of.

The Musvalk is a knife designed with style and performance in mind.

Key Features

Blades that dull easily are… well, dull and boring. Not the Musvalk. The Zirconium Oxide, or Zirconia, blade rates higher than titanium and stainless steel on the Mohrs hardness scale. So does the durable Titanium Nitrade coating. Talk about long lasting.

Stealth is paramount. And when your Musvalk knife is sheathed, it can go incognito as a keychain or even necklace.

Handmade construction and precise production ensures quality control is always in place. That makes the Musvalk a perfect present as you know the modern design is proven to perform under even the toughest conditions.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The Musvalk knife is not your grandpa’s pocket knife. It’s modern. It’s meticulous. And just like the latest spacecraft exploring the galaxy, it will help you follow any adventure.

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