Do you find that your generic, traditional lighters burn too bright and too harsh when you only need something soft and gentle?

DISSIM has created the inverted soft flame lighter just for this purpose. Being that the lighter’s flame is a low-temperature candle flame, you can rest easy, the risk of harsh burns is minimized, and that your candles will be lit easily and efficiently. 

Alongside the fact that the lighter is a soft flame, there are many other benefits to the DISSIM Soft Flame Lighter that make it a choice for many.

Key features of Dissim Inverted Soft Flame Lighter:

DISSIM has an inverted flame style when it comes to their lighters. Meaning the flame is released from the bottom which allows you to have a good eye and angle of where you want your flame to be.

There is also a circular grip on the top of the lighter, making its design sought after by lighter enthusiasts for its comfortability and aesthetics.

The flame is also adjustable, which also minimizes the risk of burns, alongside the high-quality trigger ignition.

Finding the right lighter for your home and everyday use can be difficult, however, the DISSIM Inverted Soft Flame Lighter is a lighter that everyone needs to have in their home; simply due to its flame control and stylish design.

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