Never Have a Dead Phone Again While Camping With a Lifesaber

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How do you call for help while camping if your phone is dead?

Many of us would include our phone in a survival kit, but without a power supply, it’d be useless in just a day or two.

Say hello to the Lifesaber. Essentially a wind-up, portable phone charger, you’ll never be left with a flat phone while out camping again. You can charge your phone or any USB device with just the crank of your hand or with the built-in high capacity battery.

The Lifesaber is more than just a portable charger though – it’s your all-in-one emergency camping companion. This nifty camping tool is also a light source, firestarter, water purifier and emergency beacon. Take this with you camping and you’ll be prepared for whatever emergency you might face.

Key Features

Restart a dead phone with just 15 minutes of twirling or in as little as three minutes of power cranking. You can adjust the torque of the power crank mode to suit your strength too. Don’t feel like cranking? The built-in battery can charge a phone up to 80 per cent!

Don’t get lost in the dark, three minutes of power cranking can power the Lightsaber’s flashlight for 30 minutes. Light up your campsite at night with the lantern mode and signal to rescuers or startle intruders with the strobe feature.

Optional snap-in modules mean even a camping novice can start fires with the plasma firestarter and have access to clean drinking water thanks to a UV water purifier.

Deter attackers or attract your rescuers with just one press of a button that will turn on a siren and strobe light.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Charge your phone, light up your tent or purify your drinking water all with just the twirl of your hand. The Lifesaber is a modern camping essential that’ll have you prepared for any emergency you could encounter.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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