Struggle to Light a Candle Outside No More with the Black Dual Arc Lighter

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Have you had trouble with your everyday lighter? Find that it can sometimes be difficult to catch a flame to light your candles outside?

Nomatiq has designed a solution for your problem with an all-electric lighter for you. The best part about this lighter is that you will not need to replace it with a new one when the lighter fuel goes out. The Black Dual Arc Lighter is a purely electronic lighter that runs on a charge, so simply recharge it with the provided USB charger when you purchase it for long-lasting flames whenever you need them. This particular lighter is a great choice if you are looking to upgrade your traditional lighter that runs out quickly for a more financially stable and long-lasting option.

Key Features

A single charge of the Black Dual Arc Lighter can last up to 100 lights. Meaning that if you used the lighter once a day, for an entire year you would only need to charge it 4 times, showing the longevity of an item like this.

This particular lighter from Nomatiq is 100% windproof, meaning that you can safely use this particular lighter outside as well as inside without fear that the crazy winds are going to blow out the flame before you light whatever it is that needs to be lit.

The Black Dual Arc Lighter comes in grey, gold, blue, and pink, giving the buyer a color for whatever his or her choosing is. Meaning it can be a touch more customizable for the purchaser.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Many of us struggle with keeping our flames lit on our lighter before use as well as finding struggles with our lighters running out of fuel. Nomatiq has combatted both these problems with their windproof, fully electric, rechargeable lighter.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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