Wake Up Ready to Attack the Day With the Portable Window Blind From My Blackout

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Remove distractions and increase sleep duration thanks to the completely portable and completely light-blocking Portable Window Blind.

Nobody is completely happy with their sleep schedule or the way they sleep. Whether it’s having to stay up late, needing to get up early, or tossing and turning throughout the night, everyone has something. Well, no matter what it is, My Blackout’s Portable Window Blind is here to help.

Blocking 100% of light, the portable window blind reduces sleep latency and increases the duration of your sleep. Say goodbye to the pesky sunrise, that streetlight right outside your window, your annoying neighbour who leaves the TV on all night, and any other light-based issue you face. This light-blocking portable window blind will erase all of them. Completely portable and compatible with the standard Australian Window, this portable window blind is easy to move around your home for different needs and allows you to get a great night’s sleep no matter where you are.

My Blackout Sleeping Blind

Key Features

Enjoy a better, healthier sleep thanks to a room of complete darkness. The absence of in light in your room tells your body that it is time to sleep. Light at the wrong times, like in the middle of the night or when you are in your deepest sleep, can alter your sleep clock and confuse your brain. There’s none of that happening with this blind.

While it might make waking up for work a bit harder, you’ll just have to go to sleep a bit earlier. Thanks to the complete darkness of your room, you will now sleep longer. No more will you wake up as the sun does.

Along with a longer, less disturbed sleep comes feeling better in the morning. Wake up feeling groggy or with a brain fog regularly? You haven’t slept well enough or long enough. Wake up feeling at peace and well-rested from now on.

Worried about ruing your sleep pattern while on a work trip or away on holiday? That’s where the “portable” part of the “portable window blind” comes in. Just easily pack up the blind into its bag, bring it along with you anywhere and simply install it where you are sleeping.


  • There is really only one drawback for this product that, while a tiny issue, is a big one for the people it affects. My Blackout’s Portable Window Blind is designed with the standard Australian window in mind. The Portable Window Blind is compatible with any width window up to 121cm. If you are lucky enough to own a window larger than that, this product won’t work on that window.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The product is exactly what it says it is. A portable blackout blind that will block out 100% of the light shining through a standard Australian window. Anyone who has slept, meaning all of us, knows the importance of having a dark room when going to sleep. A dark room is especially important if you are looking to start sleeping earlier.

Darkness is your body’s sign to sleep. So, if there is a light on until midnight, it will think it needs to stay awake until then. If your room is dark at 10pm, it will know it’s time to sleep. A gadget that provides a longer, more peaceful, healthier sleep no matter where you are. Who doesn’t want that?


Max Delaney
Max Delaney

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