For families with young children, getting through the night undisturbed can be a challenge but the Mylite could enable parents to ease their child’s fears about sleeping in the dark. 

The Mylite uses low-light LED’s to produce a small glow eliminating any dark areas from the surrounding area. 

It can be placed anywhere with a room making it perfect for lighting up a small child’s room or helping guide adults through a hallway should they need to go from room to room in the middle of the night. 

There are several aspects that makes this an ideal item to have around the house including:

  • Operates using rechargeable batteries so the same power source can be re-used time and time again improving sustainability 
  • Can be charged using a USB cord meaning that it can be charged through multiple sources including through phone charger heads or your computer. 
  • The Mylite comes with an adjustable lightweight strap making it easy to adjust according to where it is placed and is easy to take on holiday as well as at home 

With all these features, the Mylite is a useful device to have around the house and can help everyone enjoy a comfortable night without any unnecessary distractions. 

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