Sometimes, the prospect of sleeping on rough terrain can put you off going camping for a weekend but the LaidBack Sleeping Pad could help you find comfort in even the most undesirable locations.

As the name suggests, the LaidBack Sleeping Pad is a portable sleeping pad made from memory foam which is designed specifically to help the body relax at night.

With nearly 3 inches of foam insulating the bottom of the pad, it can offer the support you wouldn’t get sleeping directly on the floor whilst the top fleece cover provides plenty of insulation to keep you warm during the night.

To make it ideal for use in all environments, the LaidBack Sleeping Pad has been designed to cope with all aspects of sleeping in unconventional places such as:

  • The memory foam base is protected by a removable polyester layer which is water-resistant and also tough enough to prevent it from popping or ripping.
  •  If you are camping with others, multiple memory pads can be joined together allowing couples and families to sleep together and enjoy a peaceful sleep all night long.
  • By weighing just 8.5lbs (3.8kg), the entire setup is easy to carry and the accompanying straps makes it easy to transport over short or long distances.

By maximizing both comfort and purpose, the LaidBack Sleeping Pad will no doubt become a popular sleeping tool for anyone who is unable to spend a night sleeping in the comfort of their own bed.

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