Rediscover Great Sleep with Manta Sleep

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Enough sleep in the morning allows you to wake up peacefully. Tied with a great sleeping habit, you can focus more during a busy day at work or any strenuous leisure activity.

Say no more, Manta Sleep Mask perfects your sleeping habits with 100% blackout.

The Manta Sleep Mask offers users the opportunity to experience quality and enjoyable sleep even if there is lots of light beaming in your room. It is suitable for all types of sleepers irrespective of the position they assume when sleeping.

It has a non-slip grip and is easy and light to wear and carry around. In case of women making use of the Manta Sleep Mask, it doesn’t smudge or tamper with make-up in any way. With changeable modular eyepieces, you have an assurance of long usage. Best of yet, Manta Sleep Mask is designed to suit all sleeping positions.

Key Features

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