Enhance Your Sleep With The Gravity Blanket

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Disrupted sleep patterns can really throw out your daily routine but this problem could be averted thanks to the launch of a new kind of sleeping aid the Gravity Blanket.

Designed to help the body relax and ease stress levels, the Gravity Blanket looks to gently place weights on pressure points around the body to create relaxed sensations throughout your body.

Coated on the outside with soft fabrics and weighted internally with small glass beads, the simulated pressure not only is designed to ease stress levels but acts a natural catalyst to promote deep sleep for prolonged periods of time.

Key Features

Several different stitching patterns are utilized in the fabrication of the blanket to ensure that the glass beads stay in their dedicated sections at all times reducing the risk of the blanket being ineffective.

The outer covers are made from a blend of 3 different fabrics to enhance comfort and prevent any damage to the internal layers of the product.

The outer fabric covers are easily removed and are suitable for washing machine use making them easy to maintain and clean at all times.

It is available to fit on single, queen and king size beds making it a perfect accessory for use anywhere in the home.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

By utilizing natural scientific techniques and embracing modern decorative features, the Gravity Blanket will ensure that sleepless nights will be nothing more but a distant memory.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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