Cook Whenever and Wherever with the Forge 15 by HitchFire

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Do you love a nice grilled steak or maybe a delicious burger? Are you also a road tripper or a camper?

If yes was your answer to both of those questions the Forge 15 is your next best investment grill, thanks to HitchFire. Taking small little grills or pans to cook your food when you are on the road can get difficult. Sometimes we can’t find the right place to set up a mini-kitchen, or maybe you pre-pack sandwiches and only stick to foods you don’t have to cook on camping trips. Well, no longer will you have to do that. The Forge 15 by HitchFire is a compact, portable grill that hooks onto the back of your vehicle and allows you to cook the most delicious meals on the go. The best part about this grill is its portability and easy-to-use setup. There are many additions to the Forge 15, but on its own, there are many benefits to bring this grill on your next camping trip or road trip.

Key Features

The design of the Forge 15 alone makes this grill highly attractive to many road trippers and campers. With its pivoting swingarm allowing you to manipulate where it sits, detachability from the hitch allows you to move it to a tabletop for even easier use and a smaller design. The Forge 15 saves space in the trunk of your car and can be manipulated for your best use.

As it is smaller and compact, the Forge 15 is quick and easy to clean. In comparison to regular grills that you have at home, it is a faster clean-up than what most grill-cooks are used to.

For a compact grill that hooks to the back of your car, dimension wise it folds out to an 18 X 22 surface for you to cook on. This kind of surface space can enable you to cook for up to 8-10 people at once.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Camping and road trips are always run and they are even more fun when you can have a cook-out experience instead of eating prepackaged cold foods, especially on those slightly chillier nights. The Forge 15 by HitchFire gives campers and road trippers the ability to cook delectable steaks, burgers, and more while completely on the go.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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