The Solo Stove Bonfire uses its unique structure to eliminate almost all of the smoke and ash making you rethink what a bonfire can really be.

Having a bonfire outside with your friends is fun but it can be messy and the smoke it produces does not smell too great, let’s just say. The first time I heard about the Solo Stove Bonfire and their claims of an almost smokeless fire, I was doubtful.

That is until I actually got to try it out for myself.

Easy to Use, Easier to Clean

The ashes produced by a traditional fire pit are nasty and messy. That is not the case with Bonfire. Bonfire uses its airflow technology and double-wall back to get rid of that nasty smoke and ash and keep it out of your eyes and mouth.

Weighing in at only 20 pounds, it is easy to transport and can be done by one person. It works with wood and you don’t have to worry about letting it burn down for 8-10 hours like you usually would have to do.

I give the Solo Stove Bonfire a 5/5 because it lets me easily do something I love without putting in near as much effort as I normally would have to.