Coast Hook: Bring the River or Beach Into Your Home With Coast Hook

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Coast Hook is a stone from real rivers and beaches mounted on an aluminum post and backplates that you can use as clothes or towel hook.

I have been looking for a unique coat and towel hooks to no avail. Until I found the Coast Hook, that is. Each Coast Hook has a unique stone from a river, or the sea mounted on a post and wood backplate

If you want to add character to your home with unique coat hooks, Coast Hook is for you. I got it for the unique appearance but have enjoyed its practical function just as much.

Key Features

Supportive aluminum post

Hardwood plate

No points/edges

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

It is a well-rounded hook for any room.

When I saw it, I knew that it looked amazing. Once I actually tried it, I knew it was as practical as it is beautiful.

After using it for a while in one spot, I learned that the Coast Hook works equally well all over the house. After 3 weeks of hanging clothes, towels, and umbrellas, it is just as sturdy.

I no longer have to settle on basic coat hooks. The Coast Hook is not only practical, but it is gorgeous and adds character to the house. I recommend it for everyone.

Adam Lucci

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