Clogged drains are a nightmare to deal with and the ShowerShroom has been designed to ensure that this problem is now solved once and for all

The ShowerShroom has been designed specifically to be used within the home and at just 2in wide, it can fit comfortably within any standard shower or bath plug.

Alongside that, it has been designed with little arms on the outside of the body to slot into place meaning that it is simple to use by anyone of all ages and abilities.

There are many nifty little tricks that make the ShowerShroom ideal for having around the house with many features designed for ease of use including:

  • With small holes designed throughout the body of the contraption, water is easy able to flow through the drain preventing the risk of flooding or water build-up within the shower basin
  • With filter holes on the side and a bottom trap with mesh filters, hair is easily collected within the trap allowing water to still pass through without any debris getting caught up and blocking the drain
  • The hair can be easily removed from the inner trap and the body is easily washed making it easy to maintain and reusable time and time again
  • Designed in white, blue and grey, the device is also an accessory that can blend in with your bathroom and not look out of place with other items in your bathroom

With a functional design and a pleasing aesthetic, the ShowerShroom is a handy device to have in your shower to help end the declogging nightmares that can plague your house from time to time.

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