There has never been a greater focus on sustainable living and the launch of the Hydrao Aloe Shower Head could be a great way to reduce your water consumption

Showers can be one of the biggest causes of wasted water but the Hydrao Aloe Shower Head allows you to record how much water is used during a shower and then alter your techniques to reduce the amount you use over time.

The shower head has three different settings – rain, massage and mixed – to alter how the spray comes out of the nozzle whilst the shower head changes colour to alert you how much water you are using and how to reduce it towards more economical levels.

There are a host of features within the Hydrao Aloe Shower Head that helps you live a much more sustainable lifestyle with some features including:

  • The entire system is powered by a turbine inside the showerhead which is powered by the water flowing through the system ensuring that no extra power is wasted and that everything is battery free.
  • The shower head nozzles are made out of silicon rings which help prevent the buildup of limescale inside the device and stops bacteria forming on the outer surfaces to make it easy to clean and easy to maintain.
  • It is extremely simple to set-up and everything is ready to use instantaneously taking just minutes to install and use for the first time.

As a self-sustaining device that helps us improve our ways, the Hydrao Aloe Shower Head is another example of how technology is helping us live a more sustainable lifestyle in all day-to-day aspects of our daily routines.

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