Shine Smart Bathroom Assistant Safely Cleans Your Toilet

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Shine is a smart toilet cleaning & maintenance bathroom assistant that will keep your toilet clean and trouble-free. No plumbing skills needed.

Bathroom duty is my least favorite chore. Going down to find the drain and deal with the unpleasant smell while cleaning is unbearable. After looking for bathroom assistants that can help me with bathroom duties, I found Shine.

Shine is a bathroom assistant that automatically cleans and deodorizes your toilet without the use of harmful chemicals.

Smart Bathroom Cleaning? Ask Alexa

Shine comes with Sam, the Shine AI, which monitors water usage and detects silent leaks. You won’t have to guess or check-up on your toilets because Sam will send you an alert notification whenever it detects overflows through its sensors. It also provides in-app guidance and will send you repair kits so you can fix your toilet without calling a plumber. This makes Shine a bathroom must-have for professionals on-the-go like me.

What’s also interesting is that it’s compact and compatible with any toilets. And if you want to keep your toilet clean and deodorized after each flush, you can simply ask Alexa. Pretty neat, right?

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

I would highly recommend Shine for taking over my most dreaded chore and for helping me save a few bucks and buckets.

Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

Adam Lucci, a Melbourne resident, is a technology aficionado with a talent for evaluating the latest, most stylish gadgets, With his extensive background in health and fitness as a seasoned lifeguard at Watermarc Belgravia Leisure, Adam's evaluations of fitness gadgets are informed by his expertise in this field.