Help Your Little Boy Learn Independently With The Toddler Target Toilet Light

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As anyone who lives with a male partner knows, it isn’t always easy to hit the target when going to the toilet.

As hard as it may seem for adult males to get the job done, it is significantly harder for little ones who are just learning about toilet use. With the Toddler Target Adjustable Nightlight, your little boy will have no problems finding his target and taking aim.

A night light that attaches to the top of your toilet lid, visible at daytime or night, this night light is an instrumental tool in the toilet training of boys. While at the beginning you may need to show him the ropes and let him get his bearings, the Toddler Target Toilet light promotes independent toilet training. Once your little man gets the hang of it, he’ll have no issue aiming for the target all by himself. And hey, this isn’t a bad, albeit sarcastic, gift for any wives, girlfriends, sisters, mums, boyfriends and husbands of adult men who seem to find it difficult to aim for the bowl without hitting the seat!

Toddler Target Potty Toilet Bowl for Kids

Key Features

Isn’t no mess and no stress the aim of parenting? The less mess and the less stress the better. Well with the Toddler Target Toilet Light, all the worry (and the mess!) that comes with toilet training is gone.

Fully adjustable to any size, shape and brand of toilet and durable and able to withstand any cleaning products, the Toddler Target Toilet Light is your new best friend.

Let your child learn independently without worrying about them. With this light they won’t require your supervision when they head to the toilet.


  • It is a common complaint by users who have purchased this product that it doesn’t last very long. Users have left reviews claiming the product lasted about six months and a few battery changes before finding issues.
  • The Toddler Target Toilet Light can be fragile to slamming of the lid. Since little boys aren’t regularly careful with how softly they close the toilet lid once they’re done, this is quite an issue.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

In terms of being a product that helps your little boy learn how to use the toilet efficiently, this product is a god-send. A clear light that is visible during the night and day, the target is clear and easy to see. However, at almost $90, the reviews of fragility and the product only lasting a few months are disappointing. While the vast majority of users found no issue, it’s a pretty penny to spend on a product and trust your toddler to take care of. If you’re in need of a quick and easy way to let your toddler learn how to use the toilet independently, it’s difficult to find a better product than the Toddler Target Toilet Light.


Max Delaney
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