The Signature Collection brings elegance to your bathroom with all-natural Egyptian cotton towels. They are soft and comfortable.

It is hard to find a set of towels that aren’t made with artificial dyes and materials. Not only that, but towels that are soft, natural, and well crafted. I decided to try Signature Collection when I came across it.

According to their website, the Signature Collection bundle is absorbent, soft, and sourced from Egyptian cotton.

Who Should Use the Signature Collection?

The signature collection is for anyone that could use a high-quality towel set. It includes face towels and a sea sponge, so it is a full set. Despite being a premium collection, it is also affordable. 

I got it because of the quality of the materials. What I have enjoyed the most is that one side of the towels is exfoliating, and the other is smooth as can. That, and the comfortable and strong sea sponge.

Key Features

There are several things that make the collection so high quality.

  • Velour with long pile yarn underside
  • 100% Egyptian long-staple cotton
  • 2 bath towels, 2 face towels, 1 sponge

Right away I could tell they would work out well. They are soft, absorbent, and dry quickly. The added bonus of the face towels and sea sponge is great.

After using it for a while, I realized using both the velour and exfoliating side is the best way to use the set. I give the Signature Collection a 4/5 because it is a premium towel set.

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