Have A Sweet Smelling Car With The Scosche FrescheAir Portable Air Purifier

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The Scosche FrescheAir portable air purifier is the best way to have a ‘set and forget’ method to make sure your car smells good at all times.

It slides into your vehicle’s cupholder and is touchless. You can wave your hand in front of it, and it will turn on with a touchless two speed fan. The Air purifier has a 3-stage HEPA filtration that collects all the small irritants that can get inside your car.

Additionally, it can pull in the odors that could otherwise linger in your car and instead release fresh air that you will be able to safely breathe. The Scosche FrescheAir portable air purifier fits inside of your cup holder and comes with solid aluminum alloy construction that can withstand several impacts and makes sure the device will last a long time.

Scosche FrescheAir Purifier inside a Car

Air Purifiers can clean the air of odors and very small particles, and they can also relieve the symptoms of asthma attacks and allergies from airborne pollens or pet hair. They can also reduce the chance of catching an airborne disease and inhaling harmful chemicals whenever we encounter pollutants. With so many diseases and other irritants to our lungs and bodies going through the air in today’s world, more and more people are using air purifiers to make sure they are only breathing in pure oxygen.

But you can’t get just any air freshener to clean the air in your car, which is often very polluted and dirty, you need to use the Scosche FrescheAir portable air purifier. Especially whenever you take these benefits into account:

Key Features

It fits easily inside your vehicle's cup holder, meaning you will never lose or misplace it again.

It comes with a touchless 2 speed fan that you can activate with just a wave of your hand, and once you plug it in it starts working for you.

The Scosche FrescheAir portable air purifier is quiet, so while it is purifying the air of food odors, smoke fumes, dust, and pet odors, you can still enjoy the radio or the sounds of conversation without listening to any whirring or the blowing sound of a fan.

It comes with a 24-Watt dual charger, powering up as you drive and also providing power to another device as well.

However, it has a few drawbacks that every new owner should be aware of.


  • While an air purifier of any size is an investment, you will be spending three figures for this one, which can be something that can be off putting to people who are on a budget.
  • You can take it anywhere, even from car to car, but if you try to have it purify the air in a house or somewhere larger than your average four wheeler, it won’t do too much.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With its easy setup and touchless startup, the Scosche FrescheAir portable air purifier is a great addition to any car. If you don’t want to breathe in all the particles that can irritate your body and mess with your health, then getting this air purifier is a good choice!


Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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