KAMMOK Crosswing Car Awning – 1 Person Easy Setup in 20 Seconds

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Ah, the call of the great outdoors, the open road, a leisurely snack in a quiet spot near a river. Idyllic.

How ideal to have an awning fitted to the side of the vehicle. Pop it out – instant shade from the baking sun or shelter from that annoying rain. A fantastic idea, in theory.

There are some great awning options, but most, if not all, involve support poles, guy ropes, zippers, and are invariably designed to require 2 people to set them up. The thing is, all that rigamarole for a brief roadside stop usually results in, ‘Ah, not really, it takes too long.’


Setting up Crosswing Car Awning Car Tent

Talk about building a better mousetrap! The folks at KAMMOK have absolutely thought outside the square with their Crosswing awning.

First, a few basics. Like most awnings, this one fits to existing roof bars with brackets. Once in place, the brackets stay fitted. Various options are available to suit all the major roof bar brands. The awning case clips into the brackets and has an adjustment option – it can be horizontal, or tailored to be tilted 12 degrees up, or 12 degrees down.

Awnings come in two widths, 5’ and 7’, to suit different car sizes.

KAMMOK advertise a 3 second set-up. Well, that’s sort of true, but is not the entire picture. The first step is to flick an unlock lever at one end, then unclip the 2 little loop pulls, and then you take the advertised 3 seconds to pull the awning out, and finally a couple of tweaks on the same lever to tension the fabric. With those additional steps, it takes the whole set-up time to a whopping 20 SECONDS.

Oh, and this is most definitely a 1 PERSON job, with no support poles required in winds up to 25mph (40kph). Frankly, with wind speeds beyond that, do you really want to be sitting outside anyway?

This means that for one adult, or one adult with a couple of small kids, this magic awning is entirely and easily usable. This is an awning that you will actually use.

Crosswing Car Awning Car Tent

Other well thought out features continue to ramp up its appeal. The awnings, both 5’ and 7’ variants, extend out to 6.5’, but the beauty of this unit is that there are intermediate positions at 3’ and 4.9’. These positions provide super versatility for tighter spaces and different needs.

The casing is powder coated aluminium and has 2 T-slots along the rear, and another along the underside for quick and easy attachment of readily available lights or gear hooks.

If you have 2 vehicles, provided the awning size is suitable for both, just purchase a second set of brackets – swapping the unit from one vehicle to the other is a breeze.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

This unit is designed to be used often and always, whether it’s a bit of shelter while loading groceries in the rain, getting the kids dried off and dressed at the beach, getting the bike set up for a ride, or enjoying a relaxed afternoon roadside snack.

KAMMOCK Crosswing car awning – lightning-fast shelter, wherever and whenever.


Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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