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Tesla Wall Connector White Pedestal Easy Installation

Have you recently purchased a Tesla wall connector and found that it is hard to wrap up the cord when not in use? Or maybe you don’t have a safe space to place your connector when both in and out of use?

Tesla have now built the wall connector pedestal for your new wall connector to charge your vehicle.

Vehicle wall connector installation guide

Your wall connector should be located three feet away from any wall, surface or object (including other charging adapters). For optimum operational efficiency, the wall connector pedestal should also be a minimum of 18 inches off of the floor. This ensures that air can freely flow around the adapter and promotes proper airflow within your garage or parking space. This will also allow your car to charge more effectively, giving you maximum use out of your products. Being a free-standing pedestal you can freely place this wall connector pedestal wherever you prefer, whether it is outside in your driveway or in your garage.

There are many benefits to having the wall connector pedestal as well as your wall connector to charge your Tesla vehicle;

Key Features

Works with all Tesla Wall Connectors as it has been built perfectly to be compatible with all connectors

Interchangeable single or dual mountboth configurations in one package

Installation options for indoor and outdoor use, giving you complete versatility with use

Rugged aluminum construction

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Just like the wall connector, the pedestal has been made with Tesla drivers in mind, knowing that adding these couple additional products are going to make your life in the Tesla worry free.

Hayley Ianna

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