Many people believe the slingshot to be a gadget that was left behind eons ago but The Pocket Shot 2.0 looks to prove that this time-old classic belongs in the modern world.

With its circular body expanding the size of what it can hold, The Pocket Shot 2.0 is a versatile device that can sling anything from the smallest pebble to large marbles.

The body is made from latex and polycarbonate giving it the ability to stretch up to 5in before it is released and send items flying far off into the distance.

To help bring slingshots into the modern-day, The Pocket Shot 2.0 has several quirks to make it appeal to any wannabe Bart Simpson such as:

  • The pivoting mechanism is controlled by an aluminium body giving you greater precision when aiming and firing the slingshot.
  • The polycarbonate coating is similar to materials used in making guns and knives ensuring that it is tough and durable enough to hold and fire coarse objects such as stones and steel slugs.
  •  It comes in a host of colours such as silver and yellow ensuring that you can customize the contraption to suit your style and needs.

With its pivoting mechanism and tough body, The Pocket Shot 2.0 proves that the slingshot is still an effective tool to use in an era dominated by technology.

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