Never Be Left In The Dark Again With The Thrunite T2

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It's always handy having tools handy if you ever need to see in the dark but your vision can still be limited although the Thrunite T2 torch aims to give you better clarity at night than ever before.

The Thrunite T2 is a powerful torch as its LED flashlight can shine at a staggering maximum capacity of 3757 lumens with the beam penetrating a distance of up to 158m in whatever direction it is facing.

It has multiple brightness settings that can range from low to turbo and the entire device is completely rechargeable meaning it can be used time and time again for whenever you left staring at pitch black.

Like any good flashlight, the Thrunite T2 has a host of different features to make it a handy tool to have in any setting.

Key Features

The body is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy that makes it both extremely durable and lightweight making it perfect for use in all environments and conditions.

There is a LED sensor on the side that indicates the strength of the battery with a blue light signaling full battery whilst a red light shows that the battery needs to be recharged whenever possible.

It is also designed for use in outdoor settings too with the device completely waterproof up to 2m as well as being protected from impacts that are 1.5m or less.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

By being suited for all conditions and producing a powerful beam when needed, the Thrunite T2 is one torch that will never let you lose your way in the darkness ever again.

Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

Adam Lucci is the father of Kaiser 🐕 and currently living in Melbourne, Vic. Adam enjoys writing reviews on the most trending and coolest released gadgets. Adam is also an experienced lifeguard at Watermarc Belgravia Leisure, and his opinion on health and fitness gadgets comes with careful assessment and consideration.