Getting stuck in pitch darkness during a power cut is always a nightmare scenario however the Deciwatt NowLight can give you a light source without needing live electricity!

Using kinetic energy to activate the light, the NowLight is automatically switched on by simply pulling the cord that is attached to the bottom of its body.

The premise is simple – the more the cord is pulled, the more power you generate. Pulling the cord in a regular and even motion will charge the light’s 3.2V battery for longer.

It comes with an accompanying SatLight box too which can be charged via a USB connection and placed in another part of the house light another room when you need to be there.

There are several excellent features of the NowLight kit that make it a vital resource to any home.

Key Features of NowLight:

The NowLight has up to 6 brightness settings ranging from 5-160 lumens allowing you to alter the brightness depending on what you are doing.

It doesn’t just rely on kinetic energy for power though as it can be charged using mains electricity when you have power via a USB cord meaning that it will always be ready for use should you need it.

If the power is out for an extended period or you are camping in the wilderness for a weekend, it also can be charged using solar power with its accompanying solar panel attachment.

There is also a special travel mode that deactivates the light from accidentally being activated in transit. It can be deactivated via a stiff pull of the cord and it will revert to its normal operating capacity. (Please note that the NowLight will arrive in travel mode when it is delivered)

By giving you light when no power is available, the NowLight kit is an essential part of any survival kit no matter where you might be.

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