Whenever you want to film yourself catching the biggest wave or pulling off amazing tricks on the water, you can find yourself limited in what you can use to capture the action but that could change with the launch of the SwellPro Spry+ action drone.

Designed for use particularly in and around water, the SwellPro Spry+ is made from a combination of different waterproof materials and protective coatings to ensure the entire device can operate comfortably on the water.

Not only is it waterproof but the drone is 100% buoyant allowing it to sit, operate, and even take-off from the surface making it perfect for use around swimming pools, lakes, or at the beach.

Alongside being at home in the water, the SwellPro Spry+ has a host of features to make it a great action camera including:

  •  It has a 12MP Sony Camera which is capable of shooting videos in full 4k and capturing video at an impressive 30fps.
  •  Not designed to sit still whilst filming, the drone can travel at speeds of up to 65kph meaning that it can follow every second of the action whether you are on a boat or a jetski.
  • The accompanying controller is also waterproof and allows you to operate the drone in a host of different modes such as auto-hover, remote following via the controller’s GPS tracker as well as full access and control of the camera.

With it being fully waterproof and fully 4k compatible, the SwellPro Spry+ action drone is the perfect way to capture all the action when you are on the water.

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