It can be handy having survival tools that fit in the comfort of your pocket and the Sportsman Camo Pocket Chainsaw is another item to add to your survival essential toolkit

The Sportsman Camo Pocket Chainsaw is a portable hand saw kit that comes with a 36in steel chain that has the same cutting techniques and effects as what a motorized chainsaw would.

Made from high-grade heat-treated steel, the chain has teeth that cut in both directions to saw through trees and other soft materials found in the great outdoors.

Alongside the tough steel chain, there are a host of features that makes the Sportsman Camo Pocket Chainsaw an essential survival tool with some key aspects being:

  • The handles of the saw are made from heavy-duty fabric to allow you to keep a firm grip whilst sawing giving you greater control of the chain whilst it is in motion
  • The teeth on the chain can be re-sharpened once they become blunt meaning you can re-use the tool over and over again for years to come
  • The entire kit is easy to store and fits into a nylon pouch making it easy to transport and protects it from the elements allowing for use in wet or icy conditions.

Being functional and durable, the Sportsman Camo Pocket Chainsaw is a perfect tool to take with you whenever you next go on a long hike into the woods.

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