Gravel Travel System: 3 Bags that Work as One

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Picking different bags for each trip is tedious. This is why the Gravel Travel System is the bag system that you need for all kinds of travel.

It is essential that we choose a bag that provides comfort and durability while on the move. After comparing one travel bag to another, my research halted when I found the Gravel Travel System.

The Gravel Travel System consists of three bags that work as one which will enhance the way you travel.

3 Bags, All Kinds of Travel

This system consists of a 42L Carry-on Backpack, Sling Belt, and 11L Day Bag – which provides the durability and comfort that you deserve when traveling.

The 42L Carry-on Backpack can fit all of your travel and business stuff, with quick and secured access to your passport and earphones. Next, the hip belt carries 2L of space with 4 pockets. This transforms into a sling bag – perfect when carrying your essentials with you. Lastly, the 11L Day Bag is ideal for day trips when you need to carry more than your essentials.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

These three bags work well together and independently depending on your travel style.

Adam Lucci
Adam Lucci

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