The Airhead Face Mask: Reinvented Pollution Protection

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Filter out particulate matter, harmful gases, smoke, dust, and pollen with the Airhead Face Mask.

Cycling in congested urban areas increases the risk of air pollution exposure. Finding the best mask to combat air pollution and other harmful particles are hard to find. What’s harder is finding one that lets you breathe comfortably. After hours of research, I stumbled upon Airhead.

Airhead Face Mask is an innovative face mask that lets you comfortably breathe while providing outstanding protection against air pollution.

Face Mask that Lets You Breathe with Ease

Airheadused advanced technology to analyze face ranges so that one size can fit all. Its air valves are rear-facing, which moves the air away from your face, giving you that cool breeze. You can also remove the Airskin if you need to snack, chat, or drink. Airskins can be replaced with different designs that match your style.

Key Features

Crafted with non-woven particulate filter to physically block particulate matter

Airtight fit for maximum protection


Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Cycling with Airhead Face Mask is now cleaner, smarter, and more comfortable. However, its cumbersome structure may be too much for its purpose. So I would like to give this mask a 4/5 rating.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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