SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD Offers Massive Storage and Fast File Transfer

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How many times have you run into the issue of storage space on your computer being too low, or needing to carry all of your work with you from place to place?

If you’re like the majority of the world today, then this is all too commonplace. You shouldn’t have to worry about how to keep your files safe or if your laptop has enough space to store all of your precious family photos and videos. With the SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD, you can safely carry around and transfer up to 4TB of data. Never again will you run into storage issues.

Key Features

Options up to 4TB of storage. With that amount of space, you will never run into issues storing important documents, photos, videos, or any other valuable digital assets you need quick access to.

Transfer speeds up to 2000 MB/s. At these speeds, moving your data from one device to another is lightning-fast. Whether it’s 50 documents or 500, this portable SSD will save you time.

Coated in a durable silicon rubber for extra protection. A portable drive is meant for travel and the SanDisk Extreme Pro is as durable as they come; both impact and water resistant.

Multi-system compatibility. The SanDisk Extreme Pro works with both Mac and PC and comes with USB Type C and Type A connectors.


  • The SanDisk Extreme Pro will run a premium when it comes to price as you move up to the 4 TB model, though many would argue the speed and storage space is worth it.
  • More storage than many need on the go. Many note that 1TB is more than enough space for anyone, and so the 4 TB capacity of the higher-end might be a bit much for the average person.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

While it will run you a premium price, the piece of mind you’ll get knowing that your data can safely travel around with you, and when you need it, is available for download at lightning-fast speeds, it’s worth the price. You’ll never need another portable drive once you have the SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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